NEW Red Grape - Primofiore Lemon

We introduced the sweet Red Grape to the succulent Primofiore Lemon, when they were searching for the perfectly aromatic partner. And see, it's a refhreshing match!

Primofiore Lemon

In early summer, when the delicate white blossoms turn into our Primofiore lemons, we wait patiently for a little while and enjoy the warm Sicilian light.

Valencia Orange

Summer is here! Like a sparkling summer day, that is how one can describe the newest edition to our PONA flavours.

Pink Grapefruit

A “bitter sweet symphony” – there is no better way to describe our grapefruits from Sicily. That is why we are raising our glasses to all musicians and music-lovers today! With our summer flavour PONA grapefruit of course!

Apple - Lime

The good taste of our apples is also reflected in their choice of accompanying fruit. In this case, it’s lime that makes for an extra bit of refreshment.

Apple - Ginger

A root treatment can also be pleasant. Especially when it comes to the ginger root, which gives our apples a slightly spicy taste.

Golden Granny Apple

More than 300 days of sun per year have made our apples taste so good that adding sugar would be an offense to them.

Tarocco Orange

Red like eternal love. Tingling like a passionate love affair. You might almost be tempted to say that those Tarocco oranges from the bottom of Mount Etna are typically Italian.

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