Apple Ginger

It is in this beverage that South Tyrolean Apples are starting a loving, yet spicy relationship with exotic ginger. The results is a hint of spice on the finish, which gives the fruity refreshment the final touch.
60% Organic Fruit. 40% Sparkling Spring Water.
That’s it.

330 ml, one-way glass bottle

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PONA Vodka Ginger

4cl Vodka
One slice of ginger
PONA Apple-Ginger

Ginger easily gets jealous because it would actually have preferred to become PONA Apple Ginger. It is therefore best to cool its temperament first with a glass of ice – add a dash of vodka for company. Next, with an easy conscience, add about one third of a bottle of PONA Apple Ginger and taste how well the two actually get on.


PONA Gin Ginger

4cl Organic Gin
2cl Calvados
PONA Apple Ginger

When there’s a big school reunion of apples things can get wild. This is why a dignified English lady is needed as a chaperone. Shake the gin together with the French Calvados and a lot of ice. Pour the mixture into a glass with ice. The only thing missing now is about half a bottle of PONA Apple Ginger and the party can begin.