Apple - Lime

After the apples had given every last bit of taste they had, the limes got quite curious and did the same as their colleges. This extra kick of refreshment makes PONA Apple-Lime an insiders’ tip for hot days. And hot nights too of course!
60% Pure Fruit Juice. 40% Spring Water.
That’s it.

330 ml, one-way glass bottle

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PONA - Southern Dream

8cl Bourbon Whiskey
2cl Melon Liqueur
PONA Apple Lime

Before entering the land of dreams, you should reward yourself after a hard days work. With a PONA Southern Dream for example. Mix up whiskey with melon liquor in a shaker with ice to get rid of stress. Pour it into a glass filled up with crushed ice and add about half a bottle of PONA Apple Lime.


PONA Mojito

5cl White Rum
4 eighth of Lime
1cl Sugar Syrup (“Lauterzucker”)
PONA Apple Lime

If you want to take a trip to Cuba with PONA, just use a pestle and mortar to crush the limes with sugar syrup and then shake it together with rum, but NO ice. Then pour it into a glass with crushed ice, add about half a bottle of PONA Apple Lime and mix it. Best served with a little salsa dance.