Red Grape - Primofiore Lemon

We introduced the sweet Red Grape to the succulent Primofiore Lemon, when they were searching for the perfectly aromatic partner. And see, it's a refhreshing match!

Sun ripened red grapes from organic, austrian vineyards and organic Primofiore Lemons from Sicily are a sweet and refreshing match. The sweet of the grapes combined with the aromatic and sour lemons guaranntees a totally new and unique PONA experience. Mixed with sparkling spring water, it ensures sweet refreshment. 60% organic fruits, 40% sparkling spring water. That's it. 

No added sugar, concentrates or other additives. PONA Red Grape Primofiore Lemon has a natural sediment – an evidence for its naturality! 

330 ml, nonrefillable glas bottle. 

PONA Fotomontage TraubeZitrone 2019