Tarocco Orange

Refreshing. Fruity. Sparkling. The Tarocco oranges used for PONA have seen so many beautiful sunny days at the foot of Mount Etna that they have learned to make the sun rise in the heart of every lover of healthy, natural refreshment through their unique taste.
60% Organic Orange. 40% Sparkling Spring Water.
That’s it.

330 ml, one-way glass bottle

PONA Fotomontage Tarocco Orange 2019


PONA Red Sun

4cl Aperol
2cl Brandy
PONA Tarocco Orange

Tarocco oranges are familiar with the bright yellow sun from their time at the foot of Mount Etna. And they are of course also familiar with the red evening sun. Talking of which… For PONA Red Sun shake Aperol and brandy with ice, then pour the mixture into a glass filled up with crushed ice and add about 1/2 a bottle of PONA Tarocco Orange.


PONA Black Death

2cl Grenadine Sirup
2cl Lemon Juice
4 cl Curacao Blue
2 cl Tequila Silver
PONA Tarocco Orange

Death is part of life. And even though it might sound strange, life is best celebrated with a PONA Black Death. Simply shake all the ingredients (except for PONA) with ice and pour them into a glass filled up with crushed ice. Now add about half a bottle of PONA Tarocco Orange and raise your glass to a long life!